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Lisa Jayne - Founder

My drive is to teach people mastery of their emotional world – because I know from my experience in life and working with others that once we can truly navigate our emotions, we work with a kind of magic – we are able to leverage an inner power which not only means we can change anything that holds us back, but it creates a sense of inner strength, fulfillment and self-assurance that is key in living our fullest potential. I have played many roles in business and as a teacher, I have worked for the last 10 years as an Emotions Practitioner and I’m a Mum to 4 incredible kids.

My favourite quote is anything by Rumi, and “What is right will set you free, what is wrong, will keep you in bondage” (Nasargadatta Maharaj). I enjoy listening to Tom Bilyeu “Impact Theory” and at the moment I’m not reading books, I’m writing a book and a stage play! I love dancing and Beethoven (but not dancing to Beethoven!). When I’m not working I can be found at local cafes engaged in deep conversation with strangers, in the ocean pretending to be a dolphin, at the gym (not pretending) or hanging out with my incredible friends (which includes my kids). I’m with Glendo … exercise so you can eat what you want…. And watch shows that move you emotionally. Which brings me to the one thing I love
best …. Showing people how to use their emotions to take back their power and watching as they see themselves clearly, understanding that their emotions are the bridge to the greatest power they can ever tap into. My emotions are the greatest life coach I will ever have and I value them so much … without them, Bunji wouldn’t be … as it was their guidance that planted the seed that made it all happen!

Lisa Jayne is a Keynote Speaker & Emotional Engagement Specialist who teaches how true fulfilment comes from knowing the way to leverage your emotional world, so you open the door to the magic of being able to change anything. She combines over 20 years of experience as an Educator and 10 years as an Emotions Practitioner and has supported thousands of people to
implement strategies for understanding and using emotional response for more self-assurance, clarity and certainty.


You can contact her at and she can be found on social media @iamlisajayne on Instagram and Facebook.

Glendon Jackson Evarts - Founder

Though my name is Glendon, my friends call me Glendo, it’s kind of the Aussie way, shorten and throw an o on the end!

I, alongside my fearless warrior Lisa, co-founded Bunji out of a strong and long desire to make access to emotional and mental health services a basic human right instead of a luxury provided only to those who can afford it.

I have many favourite quotes, I am a bit of a quote junky, “Our deepest fear” by Marianne Williamson has been up there for a long time, but I also love this; “A good leader is one who takes a little more than his/her fair share of the blame, and a little less than his/her fair share of the credit” – John Maxwell

I also love a good podcast or book. My favourite podcast would have to be the Joe Rogan Experience with The Tim Ferris Show and Brian Rose London Real getting special mentions. Books that have had a significant impact on me; Conversations With God, Shantaram, Mans Search for Meaning, The Alchemist and The Power of Now.

Every single day people are dealing with emotional and mental health issues, either directly or indirectly. Some people don’t get “depressed”, which only means they can’t understand the people that do, and the people that do, well, they are the soldiers in my world, the frontline warriors, the battlers, the true heroes. They find themselves surrounded by people yet all alone on the scariest journey of their lives wondering why this world wants to chew them up and spit them out. I, amongst many, am here to help every single one of you through, by removing the barriers and providing free and anonymous access to amazing
mental and emotional health support.

As a Bunji co-founder I will do whatever it takes to make this possible, whatever that is, if it benefits the cause, it’s worth my time and energy.

What are my credentials? My experience? What gives me the right to do this? Nothing really, just a genuine drive to better the mental state of humanity, to make emotional and mental health conversations as normal as talking about the weather and to lower the self-harm death rate in this beautiful country we call home.

What drives me you ask? Many things, but mostly the realisation that, I feel my absolute best when I can have a significant positive impact on someone’s life, call it ego, call it purpose, whatever it is, it’s my version of craic and I can’t get enough. I’m driven by the opportunity to serve people, the opportunity to give someone something they otherwise wouldn’t have had, clear access to their beautiful, creative and powerful mind.

When I am not working, I love being active, I play beach volleyball on the sands of Manly beach when possible with the aim to stay somewhat fit. Tell a lie, I play sport so I can eat all of the things all of the time, don’t shame me for it. I also love getting emotionally invested in a cheeky TV show or movie in the evening with my beautiful wife by my side.

Thank you immensely for your interest in Bunji, I can only wish we do a good enough job to help you and the ones you love.


You can contact Glendon at and he can be found on social media @glendo24 on Instagram.

Bunji acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we operate, the Gadigal people of the Eora nation and their Elders past, present, and future.

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